Urban Street Art photography

Street photography, urban photography, urban art, street art…. we hear all those frequently but how do we define those genres?
We know that street art comes from the graffiti culture back in the seventies which was originally considered to be vandalism. Urban art has developed from street art, and the term refers to a wide variety of art forms created in city areas. It relates to city life and the wide art form exists in the public space. But what about urban photography and street photography?

Urban photography is similar to street photography in that it takes place in an inner city environment but it differs from street photography in as much as it may or may not include people in the image. Urban photos often take buildings – or rather the urban landscape itself – as the main subject, and if people are seen in the picture it is incidental. Street photography on the other hand takes people as the main subject and captures specific moments. Street photography is more about timing: capturing architecture, people in passing, odd, beautiful or funny details.

Photographer: Dan Asp
City environment: Stockholm
Equipment: iPhone 4S
Instagram photos and videos: @da_stills

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