Purelines – Trivselhus

Homes with Attitude and Pure Lines, take a careful look at Trivselhus house designs Swedish Modern. Large windows allow light to flow brightly through the open floor plan, minimalist, black and white cool in style and culture. Contemporary and sharp, the facades of Swedish Modern emphasised with smooth render, sometimes combined with a horizontal timber boarding incorporating low roof pitches, short, or no eaves gives Swedish Modern its distinctive attitude and style.
Using large, high window-sections or sliding doors, the boundary between inside and outside dissolves into infinity. Narrow horizontal windows complement and contrast the high sections. Designed internally to complement the Modern exterior, sharp decoration and furniture gives a high impact with strict styling. Few furnishings and textiles with dramatic contrasts of black, white and highly polished metal. Every item will appear as a work of art in each room. Trivselhus provides you with the canvas to create a portrait of your own personality in your stunning Swedish Modern Home. Trivselhus Tailor Made, according to your needs and fantasies. With you all the way from your ideas to the home of your dreams.