Mark Alexander – Ajanta & Simply

Mark Alexander continues to expand their
eclectic library of naturally beautiful fabrics,
offering pared-down designs with an
artisanal, handcrafted appearance. Taking inspiration
from across the globe the collections encompass subtle
historical and cultural references, creating original
designs with a sense of authenticity. Relaxed plains
and textural qualities further enhance the organic
feel of the collections, while a refined colour palette
harmoniously runs through each collection creating
a tonal bond between design and colour.

The Ajanta collection takes inspiration from classic 18th
Century textile documents that were hand printed in India.
In this collection, botanical designs are reinterpreted while
retaining a hand crafted appearance, in celebration of the
artisanal processes used to create the original documents.
Being produced before the introduction of mechanical printing,
these precious textiles were first hand block-printed and then
hand painted. In order to retain the original appearance of
the document, with soft, imprecise lines and variable shading,
Mark Alexander has utilised sophisticated layering techniques
including “wet-on-dry” a slow and complex type of screen
printing, where each colour separation is allowed to dry before
the next is applied. The document that inspired the Kerala
design, featuring an intricate hand painted exotic floral, dates
back to the 18th Century and originates on the Coromandel
Coast (South-eastern India) – one of the most important centres
for the textile production at the time.
Simply is a soft, plain linen, discrete yet full of character
thanks to its relaxed, vintage appearance. Artisanally dyed and
over washed to obtain the characteristic supple handle, Simply
is available in 28 colours.