Humlan & Sputnik from NC NORDIC CARE

Soft, rounded contours characterize their new addition Humlan. It´s Stylish and ergonomic with shapes that convey a sense of comfort, safety and welcoming. A clear gap between the seat and backrest prevents dust from getting lodged and makes cleaning much easier. Humlan is available as an easy chair, a 2 seater sofa and a 3 seater sofa. Many diff erent upholstery choices opens up the possibility for custom color arrangements. Staining option available.

Sputnik now comes with the choice of an upholstered seat for added comfort. The stool´s playful design was inspired by space rockets and gives a subtle but lively touch. A staining option is available to allow for custom coloration along with three diff erent seating heights 44, 63, and 75 cm. It makes Sputnik easily adaptable to any setting or requirement.