Götessons – the company that sees the future

When you think of Sweden and successful innovative companies the names that often come to mind are the global IKEA, Spotify, H&M, Skype, Electrolux and so on. But there are more, even though they are on a smaller scale they have a lot of qualities comparable with bigger companies and many times a stronger customer care, traditions and values.

Gotessons has been synonymous for hard-working entrepreneurs and innovators for over three generations. Today Johan Götesson is CEO of Gotessons. His father, Ola Götesson, started the company, and there is a long tradition of entrepreneurial spirit in the family. When Johan talks about the company, you quickly understand that they are not like other players in the market. For Gotessons it is about understanding customer needs before the customers does – then developing a solution, their own or together with designers. ‘When my father started in 1986 in a corner of a room in Dalstorp, he made wire products such as paper trays, hat racks, dish racks etc.but with the computer boom, we began developing products for a better working environment in the offi ce,’ says Johan. In 1993 Gotessons created a new concept, the fi rst ever cabl

Inauguration Party was acclaimed as party of the year by most of the 170 clients and friends of Gotessons.

Götessons new building, voted
Sweden’s third-bestlooking office.

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