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Loft Bookazine Q3
Cover: Stewie  oor lamp. Designed by
Studio Luca Nichetto, manufactured by
 e concept behind the project, whose
name is derived from a famous cartoon,
is the result of the careful observation
of an object that has nothing to do with
lighting design: a washbasin placed in an
unusual location in the Luca Nichetto
studio that has the air of a work by
Duchamp.  at is what inspired the idea
to design a lamp that is innovative in
terms of its form, its dimensions, and its
positioning. By melding their study of the
washbasin with an analysis of Japanese
paper lamps, they came up with Stewie:
a  oor lamp whose illumination, which
emanates from below but also radiates
upward, puts the objects it illuminates
“in a new light”.
Read about Luca Nichetto on page 78 in
this issue.
Other contributors to this issue:
James Michael Wine, Mary Collins,
Damiano Fossati, Michela Barone
Lumaga, Anette Sallmander, Gloria
Daisuke Takakura, Jason Florio, Hans-Jurgen Burkard, Reynold, Reynolds and Patrick Jolley, Inez & Vinoodh, Adam Mörk, Tom Vack, Pietro Baroni, Lena Moiseeva, Rostam Zandi, Annika von Hausswol , Mattias Lindbäck, Sarah Marquis, Antonella Kann.

Thanks to: Jim Wine, DOX in Prague,
Fotogra ska, Luca Nichetto, Michael
Areco, Jörgen  uresson, Peter Clerborn,
Galleri Andréhn-Schiptjenko

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