Art + Relaxation = Tylösand

LOFT has been to the largest private art gallery on the west coast of Sweden. It is in a spa hotel which allows visitors to combine relaxation and a beach holiday with an art experience. This summer features a major exhibition with photos from Lennart Nilsson’s early work as a photojournalist.

Halmstad, in the county of Halland, is situated between Gothenburg and Malmö on the south west coast of Sweden. It is a small town with a population of about 55,000 and is best known perhaps as a popular summer resort. The town is the largest urban centre in Halmstad Municipality. Seven kilometres west of the town, on Tyludden promontory one finds Tylösand which is famous for its long beach and its hotel.

Hotel Tylösand is Scandinavia’s leading conference centre, with a four star hotel, 4 restaurants, a conference hall, and a large spa. Furthermore, all rooms can be used for reflection, and a living art exhibition can always create spontaneous meetings. The international contemporary art at Hotel Tylösand differs from traditional hotel art. The collection, which consists of around 500 works and can be seen in all parts of the hotel, is a result of the owners’ great interest in art, with an emphasis on photography by Anton Corbijn.

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