ARKEN celebrates its 20th anniversary

ARKEN celebrates its 20th anniversary with a grand slam of a collection exhibition in the museum’s striking 150-metre-long Art Axis. On 2 January KALEIDOSCOPE opened as the biggest presentation yet of ARKEN’s collection.

What happens if, instead of presenting and organizing art on the basis of styles, geography, subjects and materials, you choose to take your point of departure in intuition and aesthetics? In ARKEN’s big anniversary exhibition KALEIDOSCOPE, all categories have been thrown overboard. The museum’s collection of international contemporary art has taken over the Art Axis in an unceremonious feast for the senses where sculpture, painting, photography, video and installation art hang and stand close side by side.

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art

ARKEN Museum of Modern Art is a monumental landmark surrounded by a manmade beachscape just south of Copenhagen. The museum showcases one of Scandinavia’s finest collections of contemporary art, and the maritime-inspired architecture has gained the museum international renown. One of Denmark’s newest contemporary art museums, the ARKEN Museum of Modern Art was inaugurated in 1996. Prior to this, years had been spent to ensure that this coastal location in Ishøj just south of Copenhagen would become a significant player in Danish cultural life. The young architecture student, Søren Robert Lund, surprised the establishment by winning the design competition with a Deconstructivist museum, which resembled a giant beached ship. The ship metaphor is also evident in the huge indoor gallery axis, which is shaped like a hull with tall, heavy doors of iron, exposed rivet-like bolts and metal staircases. This distinctive and bold design provides the framework for a large collection of contemporary art and special exhibitions.

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